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Exploring Education, by Mascha Gugganig

Mascha’s reflections on making a Visual Vignette:

This visual vignette was produced as summary of a dissertation which was handed to people that participated in the research project. The purpose was to (visually) communicate in a nutshell a 350-page document. After consulting with the printshop, a threefold print was the deemed the best option, as it would allow people to ‘read’ the story while holding it in their hands (rather than being hung on a wall). This also had to do with the social setting, where distribution did not occur in one physical place but in direct one-on-one interactions with individuals.

Please cite as follows: Gugganig, M. (2019). Exploring Education at a Hawaiian-focused charter school, a food sovereignty movement, and the agricultural biotechnology industry. Visual Vignette

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