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public image(s)? – two tales of a nuclear mono-culture, by Anja Rueß

Anja’s reflection on making a Visual Vignette:

Over the previous years, I had accumulated a large number of photographs from fieldwork – strong and rich images that would yet not find a purpose in my regular academic work. That’s why I was excited to hear about the Visual Vignettes Workshop at TUM, which I attended in January 2019. Turning the text-image relationship upside down helped me reflect upon my fieldwork from a very different, unusual angle. Selecting, arranging and rearranging the images in the format of a visual vignette often challenged the narrative I first had in mind. Whenever an excerpt wouldn’t fit, I ended up reconsidering the entire setup. This process gradually revealed more stories within the material – stories I simply hadn’t recognized before. Therefore, visual vignettes not only turned out to be an alternative way of presenting and communicating research, but also a useful analytical tool that provides the researcher with a fresh perspective on her empirical material. 

Please cite as follows: Rueß, Anja (2019). public image(s)? – two tales of a nuclear mono-culture. Visual Vignette.

Ruess_Visual Vignette_public images_Seite_1

Ruess_Visual Vignette_public images_Seite_2

Ruess_Visual Vignette_public images_Seite_3

Ruess_Visual Vignette_public images_Seite_4

Ruess_Visual Vignette_public images_Seite_5

Ruess_Visual Vignette_public images_Seite_6

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