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The Freedom of the Forest, by Laura Kuen

Laura’s reflection:

Working on this Visual Vignette made me rethink the main outcome of my research. Despite the fact that I had already used the medium of text as well as film to communicate my anthropological fieldwork (Kuen & Snigirev 2017; Kuen & Snigirev 2018) the visual vignette opened up a new set of possibilities. Using the aesthetic presence of written words within the frame of my images gabe me the chance to add an extra layer of (abstract as well as evocative) information while keeping the format dense. My aim was to support the images’ effect rather than degrading them to just being an illustrational background. This required a radical consideration of every single word and a lot of experimentation with their positioning. Thereby the result, in turn, became very concise. Every detail follows a purpose.


Kuen, Laura & Snigirev. 2017. “Our Freedom”: Sovereignty in contemporary Russia. 52 min.

Kuen, L., & Snigirev, Y. 2018. ” Our Freedom”: Sovereignty in Rural Russia. Journal of Extreme Anthropology, 2(2), 166-168.


Please cite this Visual Vignette as follows: Kuen, L. (2019). The Freedom of the Forest. Visual Vignette

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_1

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_2

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_3

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_4

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_5

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_6

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_7

The Freedom of the Forest_Kuen_Seite_8visual vignettes

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